Урок 2. Rules of reading

Beginning of the lesson.

Questions as, to the English Alphabet (ABC)

Answer the questions!

  • How many letters are in English Alphabet (ABC)?
  • How many vowels are in it? (Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu (5))
  • How many consonants are in it? (20)



Types of syllables.


Open Syllable Closed Syllable R-Controlled Syllable
·         An open syllable has only one vowel.

·         The vowel has a long sound (like the ‘i’ in line).

·         The vowel is the last letter of the syllable.

·         Open syllables have no more than one consonant between the open syllable and the next vowel.

·         examples:  ba-by,  fe-male,  i-vy,  fro-zen,  & Cu-pid

·         listen: how to pronounce baby


·         A closed syllable has only one vowel.

·         The vowel has a short sound (like the ‘i’ in mill).

·         If the word is only 2 letters, it must end with a consonant.

o    examples:  in, on, of, at, & it

o    listen: how to pronounce in

·         If the word is 3+ letters, a closed syllable has 1 consonant before and 1 (or more) consonants after the vowel.

o    examples cat, catch, net, nest, web, man, roll, & bark

o    listen: how to pronounce cat


·         A voweldiphthong, or triphthong that has an «r» or a «re» («r» with a silent «e») after it.

o    examples:  deer, whis-per, worth, care, & fire

o    listen: how to pronounce deer

·         R-controlled vowels are usually pronounced in a different way because they are «controlled» by the r.

o    erur, & ir vowels sound like the er in «her»

§  examples:  per, fur, her, birth, shirt, & hurt

§  listen: how to pronounce per

o    some ar vowels sound like the ar in «far»

§  examples:  par, far, car, & star

§  listen: how to pronounce par

o    other ar vowels sound like the ar in «shar

§  examples:  pair, hare, hair, & stare

§  listen: how to pronounce pair

o    or vowels sound like the or in «for»

§  examples or, for, floor, & door

§  listen: how to pronounce or





Three types of stressing syllables. Examples.

Vowels 1 2 3
a Plate bag car
o Rose dog fork
i(y) Nine six girl
e Tree pen her
u Pupil bus turn


English letter combinations.

th – [Ө] – three, thin.

th – [Ә] – this, those.

oo — [u,u:] – a book, a spoon.

ee — [I:] – a tree, a street.

ar – [a:] – a car, dark.

or – [:] – a fork, a form.

ir – [Ә:] – a girl, first.

er – [Ә:] – her, term.

ur – [Ә:] – turn, curl.

ch – [t] – chin, chess.

tch – [t] – kitchen.


Let’s do the test (Presentation).


Hometask. Do the exercises on the sheets of paper (Appendix 2).