Урок 6. Countries and nationalities.

Beginning of the lesson.

Proverb 4.

Easy come, easy go.


Task1. Listening

Listen to the recording with the names of countries and nationalities and repeat after each pair of words.


Task 2. Look at the map and match the country with the number.

  • Great Britain
  • Brazil
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • The USA
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Turkey


Task 3. Listen to the conversation. Where are the people from?



Task 4. Read and complete the chart.

Dear _________ (your name),

Welcome to the Friends Club. It’s for English learners and friends around the world.

Martina, Pepe, Kate, Dunya, Mary, Paul and Bernd are members of the Club: Martina is from Italy.

She’s twelve. Pepe is Spanish. He’s nine. Kate and Mary are twins from Great Britain. They are

thirteen years old. Dunya is from Russia. She’s ten. Paul is French and he’s eleven. Bernd is from

Germany and he is eight years old. How old are you?

Enjoy the club!



  1. a)
Name Age Country Nationality


  1. b) Write questions ordering the words. Then, answer the questions according to the text in task 4.
    a) Dunya from Russia is
    — Is Dunya from Russia? Yes, she is.
    b) Paul is German
    — __________________________? _______________.
    c) The twins are France from
    — __________________________? _______________.
    d) Eight Bernd old is years
    — __________________________? _______________.
    e) Martina Italy from is
    — __________________________? _______________.
    f) Kate is French
    — __________________________? _______________.
    Task 5. Circle the correct word.
    a) Carlos is from Spain/ Spanish.
    b) She is France/French.
    c) Anja is from Russia/Russian.
    d) These are my friends from German/Germany.
    e) Hina is from Japan/Japanese.
    f) Sofia is Greece/Greek.


Task 6. Rewrite the sentences. Use the words in brackets.
a) You are Michael. (name)
— Your name is Michael.
b) She is from France (French).
— _______________________.
c) Where are you from? (Nationality)
— _______________________.
d) What nationality is she? (from)
— _______________________.
e) Is Susan Spanish? (from)
— _______________________.
f) They are from Poland. (Polish)
— _______________________.



Hometask. Do the exercises on the sheets of paper (Appendix 6).